HighTec Free Power Architecture™ Entry Tool Chain

The easiest way to start with a C/C++ compiler for ST PowerPC based microcontrollers (SPC5x product lines)

Version (includes support for the newest SPC57 and SPC58 devices).

Unleash the benefits of Rust on AURIXTM

Experience memory-safety, security and high performance by design with the HighTec Rust Development Platform

Rust for Automotive https://hightec-rt.com/rust


  1. Please fill out the form to the right
  2. You will be sent an e-mail, which contains your license file and the download link
  3. Download the installation package
  4. Unzip the installation package and start "Setup.exe" to install the toolchain
  5. Copy the license file to the folder "C:\HighTec\licenses"
  6. Read the "Getting Started" manual for additional information

Getting Started

To get examples for your SPC derivate, please select it here:

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End User License and Maintenance Agreement:

Upon using the Free Power Architecture Entry Tool Chain you agree to HighTec’s EULA.